lobster at the copper clam




Our lobster dishes are firm favorites at The Copper Clam.

Caught only a stones throw away from the restaurant on Brighton Beach, we can guarantee that our lobsters are fresh and locally sourced.

Served chilled or grilled with garlic butter, our delectable lobsters are available individually or as part of our seafood platters to share.

You can even find our super fresh lobster in our seafood cocktail.


Lobster Platter with Local Cornish Crab

Our Lobster Platter with Cornish Crab combines local lobster with local crab, finished off with fresh oysters, mussels, prawns, clams, scallops and crayfish. Perfect for a hungry couple!

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Seafood Cocktail

Our Seafood Cocktail features half a lobster tail with crab claws, prawns, shrimp & crayfish complete with avocado and salad and is an ideal meal on a warm day.